(DH) Chapter I- Dark Omen

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(DH) Chapter I- Dark Omen Empty (DH) Chapter I- Dark Omen

Post  Ichor on Sun May 29, 2011 10:27 pm

(DH) Chapter I- Dark Omen Death-of-sinophia-magna-final_Styli

Sinophia, unraveled.


The gaunt form of Vahtek strikes out against the charcoal skies as he hastily addresses the group of Acolytes.

"Time is not a luxury we can squander. And there is none to spare for explanations here. Accompany me to the frigate, and we shall discuss this in detail."

Paying little head elsewhere, the Interrogator wanders back to the Valkyrie that hovers in the distance, its crew eager to leave the sight of the planet.

"I will assume temporary command until Abendroth arrives," notes Kaufman. The vox caster quickly calls over a centaur for transport, exchanging brief dialogue before embarking.


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