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Post  Ichor on Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:56 am

Chapter I- Thronin's Gambit

Rogue Trader Jerichoreach

You awake to world of pain and anguish. Stirred from a seemingly endless slumber, you find yourselves locked within a dingy cell. The low flicker of a failing chemical light above echoes through the soft drip of water from broken piping. Turning your sights to the surroundings, you find a wooden footlocker with a rusted hinge to back of the room, along with a metal table and a single 'bed' made of a slab of rocketcrete. The spartan surroundings do not paint your situation in a welcoming light; the odor of rotting carcass only emboldens this outlook. A thin beam of light emerges through a narrow vision slit, barely percpetible against the backdrop of a corrugated metal door.

Slowly, the memories of the previous day seep back into your mind:

You arrived, covertly, to Tsua’Malor, capital world of the Velk’Han Sept and the headquarters of the Mal’caor Shi to negotiate the release of General Mattis, who was captured along with a platoon of Vaxanide Dragoons during the Assault of Leyline-33 on Ravacene. Yet, before the arranged meeting with the Ethereals, the Tau had other plans in mind, and forcibly captured you as well.

Stripped of all weapons, and adorned with only for what passes for Tau 'citizen' clothing, you have little clue what the Tau will decide to do with you next.

(GM: Horray! Now that I ripped off Elder Scrolls IV's intro, you can now introduce your characters! Better yet, play the dungeon theme too!

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