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Herein lies a compilation of all the notable equipment, characters, and various other bits encountered so far in the rp. If you're confused as to what a certain item is, or have no idea what the poorly thought out plot is, feel free to come here.

(To be updated lol, b/c I'm busy right now lazy as fuck.)

Ranged Weapons:

Mars Pattern Mark III Short Pattern Lasgun:
Standard issue for many Imperial Guard regiments across the Calixis since M 36, the blocky MK III lasgun is a remarkably robust and easy to use weapon. Legendarily able to stand up to any amount of abuse and keep firing, the "Guardsman's Friend" as the Uplifting Primer calls it, is respected over more powerful shoulder arms for its practicality and extreme reliability in almost any condition. The Mars pattern is produced in great numbers on Scintilla and Malfi and is the standard armament of most Calixian Guard regiments.

Lucius-Pattern (Type XII-b) Lasgun: : One of the successors to the M. XI Lucius-Pattern, the Type XII-b is almost identical in function to the M-Galaxy pattern, operating in the 19 megathule range with ammunition count of 150 shots . Despite the much higher ammunition capacity, this version of the M. XII proved unpopular among traditionalists on Krieg, who preferred the power of their shots over quantity.

Puritan-14: The Puritan is a squat dual-barrelled autopistol with an integral single shotgun cartridge chamber. An ugly weapon whose very appearance signals its brutal purpose very well, the Puritan is designed for use by covert kill-squads and produced in small quantities both for the Adeptus Arbites and the elite Magistratum "Crimson Sashes" of Sibellus. The Puritan may fire either as an autopistol or shotgun, but not both at once. If used as a shotgun, it imposes a -10 penalty on Ballistic Skill Tests if not used with both hands.

Melee Weapons:

Power Fist: Rather than encasing an edged weapon with a power field, the energy field here is instead used to disrupt material in a more violent fashion. Worn as a hugely oversized glove, when the mechanically augmented fist strikes or clenches its target it can tear open the heavies armour. Unprotected enemies simply in a shower of ruined flesh, as if a grenade had exploded inside of them. Power fists are more common as part of power armour suits where the massive power requirements can be met by integral energy packs, but some elite Imperial forces and high-ranking officers also use them with the aid of backpack power sources.

Trophy Knife: Many fighters use the remains of their kill to fashion a memento of their actions, and Xeno fighters are no exception to this. A thriving trade business goes on in many regiments where claws and teeth from alien creatures are removed and crafted into deadly weapons. Each is a unique creation, reflective of the myriad of threats they have conquered.


Environmental Bodyglove: The travelers of the Imperium often despair over the many environments they must prepare for as they travel between systems. Bulky void suits are frequently impractical, especially when a given world's atmosphere is known to be merely unpleasant as opposed to completely inimical to human life. Explorers on the frontier have an especially difficult time of it, for if they discover a planet with unexpectred environmental conditions, the proper equipment may be a long month's or even year's of travel away. Several of the various Malfian noble houses decided that the situation was intolerable and set about designing a series of body gloves designed to withstand multiple extreme conditions while still maintaining their wearer in relative comfort. The suits were a great success and various models are produced in small quantities on Malfi, Vaxanide, and Scintilla. "Environmental body glove" is a generic name for a variety of suits. Most are actually named after the house line that produces them, such as the "Mariette Envelope."

Environmental body gloves are full body suits designed to sustain their wearers at a constant temperature, despite external conditions, making them ideal as outerwear for desert worlds and a useful inner layer for particularly cold environments. Pockets within the suit recycle sweat and other bodily fluids, cooling or warming them as neccessary, in order to regulate temperature and provide emergency water rations. Environmental body gloves add +1 Armour Point to all locations and grant a +10 bonus to Survival Tests. They are also equipped with a re-breather, photo contacts, and comm-bead.

Bionics and Implant Systems:


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